Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bradford's 1st Day of School

Here is our big boy on his first day of school!  The only way we could get him to smile was by getting to hold the XS, so hence the can in his hand!  Mommy wanted one with her big boy too:)

That evening Gracie came over to play!  They were sitting in the chair cracking each other up so I got some funny pictures of these two little friends!

Bradford's 2!!!

On August 30, our lives changed forever when God gave us a precious baby boy!  It is hard to believe he is 2 now!!!  We enjoyed the day by playing outside, going to Chick-fil-a for dinner (Bradford's favorite) and wrapped up the evening with a fun play date at the park with mommy and daddy!
Excited to be 2! 
Enjoying a cupcake!

Bradford's 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Bradford's 2nd birthday at Still Water Farm where I give horseback riding lessons.  It was the perfect place to have his party!  They have a big western themed community room with sliding barn doors that opens the entire room up to the outside and a large front porch.  There are a variety of animals for the kids to see and pet around the farm.  Right outside were cars for the kids to ride and a playground that was put to good use!  A friend of mine had made bandanna banners that I used so we went with a red and blue western theme.  We had pizza and cake with juice boxes for the kids.  I made a cake that was supposed to look like a horse but Andrew thought it looked like a bear.   It is the same cake pan that my mom used for my 6th birthday which was a My Little Pony cake.  My mom did a better job, haha!  I really tried but at least it tasted good!  Each child got a cowboy hat and bandanna to play dress up with!

This is Bradford's shirt that I made him for his party. It was my first sewing project and took me a day and a half (that is a long time)!  It was a fun experience, and time will improve my skills.  He was crying because he didn't want to try the shirt on at the time! 
Grandma and Brady
Grandpa playing cowboy!
Driving the cozy coupe
After everyone arrived we took a tour around the farm seeing all the different animals and then opened gifts.  He got some cute clothes and lots of fun new toys to play with!
Enjoying a juice box

After presents the pizza arrived and we ate, sang Happy Birthday, and had cake and ice cream!
Happy Birthday to you!!!
Bradford eating cake with Nana and Grandpa
Relaxing while eating his cake!
Bradford and friends
Great Grandma Marilyn and Andrew's mom, dad and sister
Happy Birthday Bradford!
He ended the day partying with Gracie in the tub!

Grandma's 91st Birthday

Bradford and I went to Virginia for the weekend to celebrate Grandma Kinzie's 91st birthday in August!  He really enjoyed jumping in the pool, hanging out with his aunts and playing with his cousins.  We had a dinner celebration at Gary and Sandra's house with the entire family and then the kids went on a wagon ride!
Enjoying dinner
Happy Birthday Grandma Kinzie!
Getting ready to ride
Having a blast!
A clown appeared and drove for the second ride!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

August Awesomeness

Post title credit goes to my AWESOME husband Andrew!  August was busy with days at the pool, we found out a fun surprise from friends, went to Virginia for Grandma Kinzie's 91st birthday,vas well as I interviewing for a position at a preschool.  My friend Lindsay called and said she needed someone in the infant room to work with her at a preschool.  I went in for an interview and two days later Bradford was enrolled for preschool five days a week for the end of August and I would be working in the infant room!  It really was perfect timing as the time was 8:30-12:15 and I knew it wouldn't be too much as my pregnancy progressed.
Bradford in Mommy's shoes!
Hanging out with the big boys!
Bradford and Erin at the pool
15 weeks

When we went to Virginia on Friday Bradford got to watch a stump get ground up in Sandra and Gary's front yard.  He was in little boy heaven watching the machine do it's work!
Bradford and Gary watching.
Catching some zzzz's
16 weeks

We went over to our friend Erin and JP's house for dinner and they surprised us with our place cards by telling us they were pregnant!  We are very excited to see them walk this journey of parenthood!
Enjoying a juice box!

July Happenings Part II

Halfway through the month Mat and Beth came to visit with Kayley.  As they were pulling up on Thursday I went out the front door to check the mail and I saw what I thought was a worm but at a  second glance I realized was a snake!  I went and grabbed Andrew's boot out of the garage and stomped that snake to death, it didn't stand a chance!
Not a big fan...
....but not very big!
We all went to dinner with Keith, Ellen and Ethan and this is the picture of Mommies and babies, Bradford is not one to sit!
Here a few sweet shots of Kayley and Bradford together!

Here is Brady with his little friend Gracie, he loves to love on her!
My 2 favorite guys!
We went to Shelby for a weekend to celebrate my birthday.  It was a good visit and Andrew took me out to dinner and a movie on my birthday which was really fun! What was I craving for dinner you may ask...barbecue of all things!
Little man chilling I-pad style!

Looking at pictures with Grandpa on the camera.